Cyfieithiad yma'n fuan...

Peregrine Armstrong-Jones - Honorary Commodore
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Honorary Members
Neville Roberts (acting) - President

Officers and Management Committee 2020

Commodore Chris Jones commodore@royal-welsh.com
Vice Commodore Tom Edge vicecommodore@royal-welsh.com
Rear Commodore Liam Adams rearcommodore@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Secretary Natalia Gomez Escobar secretary@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Treasurer Jane Crowther finance@royal-welsh.com
Hon Sailing Secretary Bethan Majski sailing@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Rowing Secretary Kate Jones rowing@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Membership Sec. Dawn Smith membership@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Social Secretary Fiona Jones social@royal-welsh.com
Welfare Officer Elin Powell welfare@royal-welsh.com
Committee Member Clive Haycock
Committee Member Frank Smykowski marketing@royal-welsh.com
Committee Member Janette Edge regalia@royal-welsh.com
Committee Member Malcolm Jones
Committee Member Mark Rayment
Committee Member Sarah Roberts

Southern Squadron

David Richardson Captain squadron@royal-welsh.com
Steve Tiffin Vice Captain  

Sailing Committee

Vice Commodore – (Chair)

Sailing Secretary
Cliff Williams
John I H Jones
Peter King
Mark Walker
Steve Taylor

Eddie Williams

Rowing Committee

Hon. Rowing Secretary
Commodore – (Chair)
Liam Adams – Bosun
Angie Laing – Race Officer
Elin Powell – Safety & Training
Clive Haycock
Dawn Smith
Marion Wintringham

House Committee

Rear Commodore – (Chair)

Mo Judge

Enquiries by email are welcome, please address these to secretary@royal-welsh.com

Clubhouse phone number 01286 672599. Find us on Facebook Facebook