Cyfieithiad yma'n fuan...

Patron - To be confirmed
Honorary Commodore - Peregrine Armstrong-Jones
Honorary Members - Prince & Princess of Wales
President - John Neville Roberts
Trustee - Edmond Douglas Pennant

Officers and Management Committee 2024

Commodore Tom Edge commodore@royal-welsh.com
Vice Commodore Sarah Roberts vicecommodore@royal-welsh.com
Rear Commodore Frank Smykowski rearcommodore@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Secretary Keith Belfield secretary@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Treasurer Neil Christian finance@royal-welsh.com
Hon Sailing Secretary Sophie Mohun-Kemp sailing@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Joint Rowing Secretaries Mike Hamer and Kate Jones rowing@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Membership Sec. David Chinn membership@royal-welsh.com
Hon. Social Secretary Linda Park social@royal-welsh.com
Welfare Officer Elin Dillon welfare@royal-welsh.com
Regalia & Minute Secretary Janette Edge regalia@royal-welsh.com
Cruising, WhatsApp Manager Bethan Majski -
Club Website Mark Pearson website@royal-welsh.com
Nigel Oldbury
Jean Oldbury
Committee Member David Richardson
Committee Member Iwan Rees-Jones
Committee Member Clive Haycock

Southern Squadron

Captain David Richardson squadron@royal-welsh.com
Vice Captain Steve Tiffin  

Sailing Committee

Commodore (Chair)
Sailing Secretary
Vice Commodore
Eric Crowther
Keith Belfield
John Summerfield - RYA Training Instructor
Chris H Jones - RYA Training Principal
Chris N Jones
Richard Walker
Bill Barry
Geoff Hilditch - Cruising Captain
Mark Walker

Rowing Committee

Vice Commodore - Sarah Roberts (Chair)
Joint Rowing Secretaries:
Kate Jones and Mike Hamer
Angie Laing - Race Officer
Elin Dillon - Safety and Training
Clive Haycock
Dawn Smith
Marion Wintringham
David Chinn

House Committee

Vice Commodore (Chair)
Rear Commodore
Bar Manager
Linda Park
Bethan Majski
Rob Hampton
Graeme Messenger

Enquiries by email are welcome, please address these to secretary@royal-welsh.com

Clubhouse phone number 01286 672599. Find us on Facebook Facebook