Welcome to Royal Welsh Yacht Club Rowing. Here you will find all the details to join in with our Celtic Longboat rowing activities. We have 3 Celtic Longboats - Elen, Branwen and Macsen. We also have a Caledonia Yawl named Uther Pendragon and two one seater Yoles.

We keep our boats at two bases - Plas Menai and Victoria Dock, Caernarfon. We have an active rowing fraternity with around 40 rowing members, of all ages and abilities. We take part in several events each year, such as league races locally and further afield around Wales, long distance races like the Castle to Castle (Beaumaris to Caernarfon), Summer Regattas and The Great River Race on the Thames. Our members have taken part in the Celtic Challenge from Ireland to Wales and regularly compete in races in Scotland, Ireland and Brittany.

We also row for fun! Enjoying picnics on the Menai Strait sandbanks, at Llandwyn Island or somewhere under the two bridges. With conditions allowing and all rows being risk assessed, we also do nighttime rowing, which is a great experience, especially under a full moon.

Safety is our upper most priority. New rowers are invited to attend up to 2 rows before they decide to join the club.

If you wish to enrol on a taster row, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or email Someone will then be in touch to let you know the dates for the taster rows.
What to bring and wear to a taster session:-

  • Warm layered clothing, on colder days bring a woolly hat, gloves suitable for holding oars and perhaps a fleece.
  • Wet style shoes - you are likely to get your feet wet, possibly up to the knee.
  • A warm and or cold drink and a snack.

Once you have done your taster sessions, and if you want to join the Club, please look under the Membership heading on the website for fees and the application form.
All of our boats are covered by our own Club Insurance, and if you join you will be asked to pay a fee of £15 which then covers all boats and rowers to enter competitions, and row under the banner of Welsh Sea Rowing.
We communicate via Facebook Messenger, with various groups for Morning Rows, Evening Rows, Daytime Rows and Special Events Rows.

We also have a unique club house at Porth yr Aur, Caernarfon for your use. Situated within the town walls there's a bar and as a member you'll enjoy quiz nights, games nights, music and other social events.
We look forward to welcoming you to our very friendly, fun and energetic Royal Welsh Yacht Club.

Free Rowing Taster – please fill the details on the form and forward to our Rowing Secretary to join us on one of the Club’s rowing boats.

Free Rowing Taster Form (pdf)

Row on the Menai Strait in a Celtic Longboat

Here’s an easy way to keep fit and have fun as well as getting out and about on the Menai Strait, one of Wales finest landscapes and marine settings.

Go rowing in a Celtic Longboat

Our Celtic Longboats are fibreglass replicas of the vessels formerly used up and down the coasts of Wales and Ireland. Each boat has a crew of four on the oars, with one person to each oar and a cox. There is also space for a passenger. The boats are based at Plas Menai and regular sessions take place three times a week. These sessions aim to incorporate social rowing as well as training.

Our rowers cover a wide age range from 16 to 80 and people from all backgrounds and origins are welcome. We row all year round, mainly on the Strait and, sometimes at night and sometimes (for the more courageous) in fairly bracing weather. We enjoy the recreational aspects (sightseeing, picnics on sandbanks, visits to pubs and restaurants) and appreciate the completeness of this sport where all muscles are exercised and there is a sense of rhythm and a strong team spirit. We contribute to and maintain the old traditions and aim to enlarge the big family of sea-rowers. In recent years the number of boats competing in events and races has almost doubled and the popularity of the sport has increased significantly.

As a team, we have competed in the Celtic Challenge – a 90 mile row across the Irish Sea, the Great River Race – 22 miles along the River Thames and in our own race the Castle to Castle – from Beaumaris to Caernarfon. We also take part in the Welsh Sea Rowing Association league races which are held all round the coast of Wales.

For further information, please contact Rowing Secretary on

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